About Us

We are an education based yoga training program offering professional instruction to further your growth as a yoga practitioner. Our mission is to provide the highest level of instruction for yoga teachers, teachers-in-training, experienced yoga students, physical therapists, mental health counselors and health practitioners in the healing arts.

We understand how important it is for yoga instructors & health counselors to expand their knowledge and their studio’s to evolve into centers of higher learning. In this way you can better support your students on-going journey towards  self-transformation and improved health.

Ha-Tha Yoga Method is owned and co-directed by Delia Quigley and Denise Kay. Together we bring 50 years of experience in yoga, movement, nutrition, meditation, and anatomy training to our teaching. We offer certification programs registered and approved by the Yoga Alliance and aligned with their standards of quality and excellence.

We offer our programs in northwestern New Jersey or we can bring the training to your location, tailored to your students needs.

For information on a particular subject of interest, click on the link below.

CHAIR YOGA CERTIFICATION: The use of a chair in yoga practice provides stability and optimal alignment in yoga poses. This allows for seniors, broken bodies, as well as, experienced yoga students to advance their practice in a safe and effective manner.

YOGA INQUIRY: Designed for those practitioners who do not want to teach yoga, but prefer to delve into the study of yoga on topics of interest. These can include  an exploration of the Chakra system, Energy Anatomy, the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, Meditation as a daily practice and much more.

WORKSHOPS: Usually 2-hours in length, workshops are an excellent opportunity to further your practice with a qualified professional. Presently these include: Tuning Your Chakras and Feeding Your Yoga Practice.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you might have and thank you for sharing the practice of yoga with your community.

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