Delia & Carolyn

“I really enjoyed the Chair Certification. For me, the most appealing aspect was that it was mixed level, but in-depth at each level. Postures were approached in a thorough but playful manner. While I attended with the intention of expanding my knowledge base as a teacher, I also deepened my personal practice. Thank you! Namaste.”

“Very pleased with the Chair Training. Felt it was well rounded to suit many needs. Easy to put into practice. Already started to bring it into my classes the very next day! Thank you! “ Roe P.

“Thank you for Wowing me! I now have so many new ways to add yoga to my personal training clients.”  Kim S.

“This course was exactly what I was looking for and then some. I felt that I was able to keep up, as someone who is not a yoga instructor, but was challenged physically as well (a nice bonus). My mental health clients will definitely benefit from what I learned this weekend. In the field of psychiatric rehabilitation there is a concept of show, tell, do. I like that we had the opportunity to be the student in the beginning classes, get the instruction, and then perform the teaching. A very helpful method for learning. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Thank You.” Molly M.

“I thought the workshop was inspiring and useful. I feel that asking us to teach each other solidified the course work.” Reggie W.

Delia & Denise

“The class/certification was very engaging, informative, helpful. I personally felt so successful, enthusiastic and on fire to have so much new information to share with my students and clients. I think format was perfect. I didn’t see any flaw. It was also wonderful to see how happy and inspired you both feel with this chair work.”  Barbara P.

“I truly enjoyed the class and learned so much. As always you were both extremely professional, fun, supportive and knowledgeable. I think the class was structured perfectly. Both AM classes were great at introducing the days postures, and were personally wonderful. After two long (and wonderful) days I appreciated the way we taught our class to each other. Thank you. It was great. Look forward to future workshops.”  Robin R.

“I thought the course was well organized, it covered a lot of material. I had so much fun in this course I would recommend it to other students and teachers to enhance their practice and their teaching. I loved the way we would learn a few posses and then teach them to someone in the class; and I like that we had to switch partners every time, so we could get used to teaching another person.” John F.

Pidgeon Pose

“As a teacher-in-training, the Chair Yoga Certification has enhanced my confidence in designing and teaching yoga classes; it has expanded by understanding of numerous postures; had has given me ideas to improve my own practice. The course structure was appropriately demanding and engaging. I appreciated the opportunity to practice teaching as I learned, and the classes we did each day provided a nice introduction to the poses. Delia and Denise are phenomenal teachers who foster a warm sense of community within the groups they instruct. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you both.”

“Thank you so much for your time and the energy you put into teaching us! It was organized and informative. I’m feeling happy and excited to incorporate what I learned in my practice and my classes. I personally feel fantastic and empowered. I will highly recommend this class to everyone I know!”  Meryl H.

Barbara side angle RS

“I learned so much about the safe practice of yoga from Delia Q. and Denise K. in the Chair Yoga Certification training. It was the most inspirational class I’ve ever  done. Even more, it was fun!”  Kathlene M. (Integrative Health Coach.)

“This Chair Yoga Certification program was well done. It was well organized, full of information and beautifully presented by Delia and Denise. They were very tuned in to all the students, offering individualized support with the poses. It was also a pleasure learning with a wonderful group of kind, motivated and knowledgeable people. Thank your very much.”  Sandy M. C.

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